SummitX Snowboarding and AlliSkate

SummitX released in December, 2011 for iOS and Android.   This was my first project at the helm as Art Director.   In addition to giving direction to our small art team, I designed and built the two character models, designed and implemented the UI, and was responsible for the brand identity as well as all the marketing materials.

My intent with these two characters was take a different approach from the SSX series, and design a pair of real, believable people.

In-Engine screen capture. Modeled in ZBrush and 3DS Max.

SummitX grew organically out of AlliSkate – all of us on the team have a lot of experience in the Action Sports genre, so when AlliSkate was cancelled due to our publisher’s financial troubles, we had a pretty clear opening in a snowboarding title.

Most of the AlliSkate assets are still tied up in legal limbo, but I can show this female base model, which was to be the basis of all future female skater models.

This is the base model that I created for all of the female skaters in the still-unreleased AlliSkate. Modeled in ZBrush.


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